Hotline volunteers

Our hotline has volunteers answering Monday 9am through till Wednesday 9am, then Thursday and Friday 3pm-9pm and Saturday/Sunday 9am to 9pm. A huge thanks to our volunteers Rosemary, Romina, Jo, Renae, Linda and Sue. If you would like to be a volunteer phone operator please contact us!

Other ways to help wildlife

While attending rescues or interacting with members of the public I often get asked different questions about how people can help wildlife. Some questions have been "what can I feed wildlife?" and "how can I attract wildlife into my yard?". Time and time again I have attended rescues where wildlife has become sick or injured as a direct result from humans. So I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to list different ways that we can help our native wildlife.

Leaving Water out for Wildlife

We've all been feeling the heat over these last few scorching days and so too have our wildlife friends. Here are a few tips if you wish to leave water out to give them a bit of a breather from this heat!

1) Place something in the water bowl like some rope or a twig so that any small animals that fall in can climb out again and avoid drowning.

2) Place different size bowls in different areas such as on the ground or in a tree or a bird bath for different species. Plastic dishes such as the ones used under pot plants work well for our ground species such as lizards.