Seeking people with:
• Their own transport plus money to cover the cost of petrol when attending rescues
• Their own mobile phone for contact with sufficient credit for calling/texting for rescues
• Regular time to devote to rescues across day and/or night
• A strong love of and compassion for animals/wildlife
• Physical capacity and confidence to catch/handle scared/injured animals
• Strong constitution for dealing with injured animals
• Self-confidence for dealing with members of the public, vets and wildlife carers
• Basic computer skills and access to email/Internet

The Brisbane Area Rescue Network (BARN) is seeking volunteers who wish to receive training to become rescuers across all areas of Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts plus surrounding areas.
Rescuers are a vital part of the voluntary team that operates 24/7 helping to respond to requests from the public who find injured and orphaned wildlife.

This role with BARN qualifies with CentreLink as approved voluntary work for Newstart recipients 55 years and over.

Training will be provided.

The role involves:
• Receiving details of requests from the public from the BARN phone operator
• Contacting the member of the public to confirm attendance to assist the wildlife
• Driving to the location (suitable rescue equipment, transport cage/s and protective PPE MUST be carried at all time)
• Assessing the situation and securing/picking up the injured wildlife
• Giving the member of the public a Thank You package from BARN for their care/concern
• Delivering injured wildlife to a suitable vet for treatment/euthanasia
• Organising a suitable carer and delivering orphaned wildlife to them
• Reporting the outcomes by email/text to BARN phone operator

If you would like to express interest in the role, please email us and provide:
• Your name and contact details (including email) plus the suburb you live in
• The days/times you would be available each week
• How far you would be happy to travel to a rescue
• Any relevant previous experience and/or training

There are many other ways you can assist BARN including becoming a carer, building possum/glider boxes, knitting/sewing marsupial pouches, picking up/delivering donations of cages and food etc. If you are interested in any of these roles we’d also value an email from you.

Our email is