Pictured Fran Stewart and Natasja De Gouveia Brazao
Yesterday was a big and emotional day for BARN. After 11 years at the helm, our President Natasja stepped down from her role at our AGM.
BARN would not be where it is today without Natasja and we are truly grateful for her leadership, strength, mentoring and friendship that she has so generously given to so many of us over the years. I have never met someone as dedicated and passionate about helping our wildlife as Natasja. She has saved countless lives over the years, and if they could talk I am sure all the animals would say a big thank you to her for showing care and compassion and providing a safe, warm, comfortable place while being rehabilitated.
BARN has accomplished a great deal over the years and certainly been presented with challenges and Natasja resiliently rode through it all, never giving up. She was an exceptional leader and will be greatly missed. Natasja has told me that she will miss it all and that it was a great honour working with myself, Fran and other members of BARN. Natasja also wanted me to mention how very appreciative she is of everyones help and support over the years as she could not have done it alone.
Onwards and upwards, Natasja will be off on new adventures and after a few emotional tears handed over her role to the newly elected Fran Stewart who has been a long time member of the committee previously as Secretary and Treasurer.  I also stepped down from the role of Vice President as I found I wasn’t giving it the attention it deserves with 2 young toddlers filling up all my time and keeping me on my toes. Replacing me is newly elected Petrina Paidel who has also temporarily been elected to the role of Treasurer until a replacement can be found. And lastly Kirsty Thompson has been elected in to the role of Secretary, replacing Fran. A big warm welcome to our two new committee members and congratulations to Fran on being elected to the role of President. We know that BARN is being left in good hands and look forward to seeing what the future holds.